Ooparts Universe

4.4 ( 8494 ratings )
游戏 어드벤처 아케이드
开发 Jordi Perez Barreiro
0.99 USD

You are a Crononaut.

Your mission is to travel through time and move at different epochs of the past to remove, with the help of your robot_probe, Ooparts (Out of Place Artifacts) before any person discovers them in the future.
Thus, the humanity will have another chance to avoid clashes between Creationists and Evolutionists.

- Combines several styles of play: Arcade mini_games, puzzle, platform and adventure games.

- Has five epochs to explore (8 screens in each epoch).

- Using objects simply by dragging them into the area where you want to use.

- Collect objects dragging them into your backpack.

- Drop objects by double tap on the object.

- Exploration the environment by moving the finger on the place.

- Text terminal containing additional information.

- Object inventory with extended images and descriptions.

- Map shows you the areas youve visited, and your current position.

- Saved game and high score.

- You can disable sound effects.

- Doesnt have pre-established background music. Dont worry, you can still play your own music in the background.

- The game combines adventure game puzzles, touch games and mini-games using the accelerometer.

- Game in English